12.8.20 Boda Insights: Leadership Resources for Challenging Times

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We have been thinking a lot about how to best support the leaders and teams we work with who are challenged with higher-than-ever levels of uncertainty, stress, and change and are rethinking their approaches to leadership and teaming. Thankfully, we’ve found a number of rigorous and practical resources to help them in their efforts. Here are a few of our recent favorites:

  • Amy Edmondson has a terrific post on the need for leaders to “demonstrate vulnerability, not bravado” …when the world demands constant learning and agility.
  • In this podcast, researchers at Stanford talk about making mistakes, embracing failure, and managing in the moment.
  • The Scene On Radio series on “Seeing White” is an invaluable education on white privilege. We have suggested it to many of the leaders we are coaching as we work with them on creating diverse teams and being inclusive.
  • For education and guidance on how to navigate the mental health challenges of the pandemic, watch one of McLean Hospital’s many webinars on wellness and self-care.

We hope you find these as useful as we have. If you have suggestions on other resources, please let us know.

We wish you all a safe, peaceful, and restful holiday season.

The Boda team