Bruce Stangle


Bates College, BA
MIT Sloan, MA, Management
MIT Sloan, PhD, Applied Economics


Bruce has been leading, mentoring, and inspiring those he’s worked with for over thirty years. In 1981, Bruce wanted to break out of the corporate environment and have more fun with fewer rules. He co-founded Analysis Group, one of the largest economic consulting firms based in North America. Bruce has built a company culture that fosters leadership, accountability, and mentoring relationships. In November 2013, Analysis Group was ranked first in the “large company” category of the Boston Globe’s “Top Places to Work” in Massachusetts poll for the second consecutive year.

Bruce has built strong ties with universities in order to stay fresh and keep consistent with the newest thinking. He shares these words of wisdom, rooted in his personal experience: “Grow your own and bring someone else along – that’s the model. Also, we’ve never been afraid to hire someone who could replace one of us. Hiring the best keeps the firm vital and focused on growth.”

I’m inspired by…

leaders who can admit publicly that they made a mistake and then commit to learning how to avoid the same mistake in the future.

One important thing that I bring to my clients is…

trying to put myself in their shoes and figuring out how my firm can marshal the best team to solve the client’s problem.

Philosophies that have worked well for me…

hire smart people and get out of their way. Avoid measuring everything, especially around individual performance. To the extent rules must be created, favor ones that reinforce collaboration and trust.

One career move that took guts was…

leaving a safe job at age 32, with three young kids, and starting a new firm.

Things that make me smile include…

seeing my grandchildren play nicely with each other.