Peter Simmonds


Portsmouth University, UK, BSC


Peter’s career has focused on helping leaders and teams understand their purpose, identify their strengths and gaps, and navigate toward increased effectiveness. Over the past decade, Peter has worked with leaders and teams in challenging and high-paced work environments where resources were often limited, and expectations were high. In his executive coaching, Peter brings quick thinking, humor, and accountability to help leaders understand their cultural context, increase collaboration, think more strategically, more effectively navigate challenges, and balance the needs of their work and personal lives. He has built deep expertise across the 400+ leadership sessions he has designed and delivered, focused on autonomy, self-awareness, effective decision-making, team problem solving and employee engagement. He believes that resilience is a core leadership competency when navigating high pressure roles.  In addition to his executive coaching, Peter speaks and teaches on the topics of leadership effectiveness, diversity and inclusion, and cultural transformation.

Recent clients

IBM, Microsoft, Wayfair, Biogen, Boston Medical Center, PwC, British Aerospace Electronic Systems, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, Boston College, University of Oregon, University of New Hampshire, ADP, Cambridge Associates

Training and certification

Fielding Graduate University, Certificate in Evidence-Based Coaching for Organization Leadership; International Coaching Federation, Associate Certified Coach (ACC); Points of You, Level 1 Trainer; Brathay, Professional Reviewing and Facilitation Trainer.

At The Boda Group…

Peter’s clients appreciate his direct communication style and his empathetic and innovative approach. He works to create a balance of challenge and support to help leaders thrive and achieve their full potential. Peter recognizes that leaders exist within an organizational system, and, through his coaching, he helps them to navigate that system effectively. With humor, compassion, and accountability, he empowers leaders to increase self-awareness, think through different perspectives, and innovate. At the core, Peter helps leaders learn, improve, and deliver stronger results.

The biggest challenge facing today’s leaders is…

being busy. There is power in recognizing a need to slow down and improve their potential by being present with themselves and getting comfortable with not knowing and uncertainty.

What matters to me is…

kindness, empathy, authenticity and acceptance that we are human first.

One career move that was risky or took guts was…

quitting my full time job to start my own business crafted around my passion of developing human potential. I haven’t looked back since. It continues to be a rewarding journey.

One place that is special to me is…

the sandy shores of Bournemouth, England because there is nothing that says home to me more than the feeling of cool sand between my toes. It’s not tropical. It’s just as it should be.