4.6.21 Boda Insights: Supporting our colleagues’ mental health


The mental health challenges of COVID are far from over. Most of us are now experiencing chronic stress and distress because of the pandemic. To help with this, The Boda Group is offering four one-hour, company-specific programs in May to support you and recognize Mental Health Awareness Month. These sessions can be tailored for groups of 5 to 50 in your organization.


12.8.20 Boda Insights: Leadership Resources for Challenging Times

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We have been thinking a lot about how to best support the leaders and teams we work with who are challenged with higher-than-ever levels of uncertainty, stress, and change and are rethinking their approaches to leadership and teaming. Thankfully, we’ve found a number of rigorous and practical resources to help them in their efforts. Here are a few of our recent favorites: