What Drives Us

We’re as committed to building our own capabilities as we are to helping our clients build theirs.

We’re inspired and informed by talented researchers, thinkers, and fellow leaders. Ideas and data shape our views, approach, and programs.

Here’s a snapshot of what we’re currently learning and thinking about:

leadership-icon teams-icon
“Feedback: Lean In or Back Away?” Jennifer L. Porter, Health Leadership Forum
“When to Skip a Difficult Conversation,” Deborah Grayson RiegelHarvard Business Review
  “How Mindfulness Leads to Deeper Strategic Thinking for Health Care Leaders,” Chris Charyk, Health Leadership Forum
“How to Handle the Naysayer on Your Team,” Jennifer L. Porter, Harvard Business Review
“The Science Behind How Leaders Connect with Their Teams,” Srini Pillay, Harvard Business Review
  “Teamwork Works Best When Top Performers Are Rewarded,” Bradley Kirkman, Ning Li, Xiaoming Zheng, Brad Harris & Xin Liu, Harvard Business Review


adult-dev-icon culture-icon
“The Bad Things That Happen When People Can’t Deal With Ambiguous Situations,” Jesse Singal, New York Magazine
“How Meditation Changes the Brain and Body,” Gretchen Reynolds, The New York Times
“The Incredible Thing We Do During Conversations,” Ed Yong, The Atlantic
“How to Give Negative Feedback When Your Organization Is ‘Nice’,” Jennifer L. Porter, Harvard Business Review
Chade-Meng Tan: Everyday compassion at Google - TED talk
“Manage Your Emotional Culture,” Sigal Barsade & Olivia A. O’Neill, Harvard Business Review


“A Manager’s Job Is Making Sure Employees Have a Life Outside Work,” Arjun Dev Arora & Raman Frey, Harvard Business Review
Rethinking The Work-Life Equation,” Susan Dominus, The New York Times
Transforming the Traditional Performance Review, Kimberly Schaufenbuel, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School
“The Business Coaching Industry is Booming,” Marketplace
“You Need to Practice Being Your Future Self,” Peter Bregman, Harvard Business Review


This is some of what drives us. What drives you? We’d love to hear about it.