Groups of Leaders

Effective leaders build the skills they need to set direction, motivate and develop others, delegate appropriately, communicate productively, navigate conflict, and ultimately hit their objectives.

Great leadership doesn’t just happen.

Some of this development can be achieved by watching others, but mastery often requires time away from day-to-day responsibilities to learn and practice these valuable leadership skills, and reinforcement over time.

We offer a broad range of leadership development services, from multi-month programs like Leader Forum and A Coaching Approach for Leaders, to individual leadership workshops on conflictstyle differences, and emotional intelligence. Whatever your leadership development challenge, we can help.

Leader Forum

Leader Forum brings together a small group of leaders and an experienced coach for a powerful peer coaching development experience.

A Coaching Approach for Leaders

Leaders who coach increase engagement, strengthen relationships, build capacity in others, and develop talent effectively.


Leaders want to be taught by fellow leaders who understand their challenges firsthand.

Virtual Learning

Given the world’s shift to virtual work, we have translated all of our traditionally in-person workshops to virtual learning experiences and added several new programs that are geared toward leading in today’s new environment.