Collaborating for Results

“In the long history of humankind … those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” —Charles Darwin

With the range and intensity of challenges facing organizations today, collaboration has never been more important. Collaboration is at the heart of almost all great achievements — from innovative new products to winning sports teams, brilliant symphonies, and blockbuster drugs.

And yet most leaders, teams, and organizations struggle to create real collaboration that generates powerful business results and stronger engagement and relationships.

Many leaders and team members simply don’t have the mindset, skills, and experience needed to make true collaboration work.

Leaders and team members are often challenged by collaborating with people who are different from them; across geographies, cultures, and languages; amid ambiguity; in a matrixed organization; and with few effective role models. Some believe collaboration is inefficient and will take too much time to make it worthwhile. Others value competition above collaboration, having been rewarded for competition for many years.

Despite these challenges, research shows that collaboration can result in better alignment with organizational goals and objectives, increased self-awareness, more buy-in on processes and results, increased trust resulting in greater cohesion and engagement, fresher thinking on current challenges, a greater tolerance for risk, and even increased energy among team members.

The Collaborating for Results program helps leaders and teams capitalize on these benefits.

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Based on a solid research foundation, Collaborating for Results teaches leaders and teams the core mindsets and skills that will enable them to collaborate more effectively and productively. We help leaders and teams to be open to new and different ideas and perspectives, work to understand them, encourage and support others, challenge one another’s thinking, productively disagree and debate, bring out the best in others, and simultaneously strengthen relationships and deliver exceptional business results.

The Collaborating for Results program includes the following components:
  • Four half-day Learning Labs – ideally spread out across four to six months
  • Pre-work before each Learning Lab to explore shifts in beliefs and practical progress
  • Assignments after each Lab to put the learning into specific practice, elicit both successes and challenges, and thereby deepen the learning
  • Learning Calls with the Boda leaders to teach additional skills and mindsets and offer participants a chance for individual questions or reflections on their collaboration practice
  • Mistake journals, where participants capture their efforts and errors and reflect on what to try differently
  • Periodic outreach from the Boda leaders with relevant research, ideas, and suggestions to reinforce core skills and mindsets

From newer managers to the most seasoned executives, collaboration is a core competency. When leaders learn to collaborate effectively they can propel their organizations and colleagues to powerful outcomes.