Improving Workplace Communication Using DISC

It’s not enough for leaders to be smart. They need to be smart about themselves, how they interact with their teams, and how their behavior and communication style are perceived by others up, down, and across the organization.

Leaders who understand their own communication styles, strengths, and challenges are better prepared to effectively lead.

The Improving Workplace Communication Using DISC workshop helps leaders understand their own styles and then consider the styles of others.

Prior to the workshop, participants complete a short online assessment to generate a detailed personal DISC profile, which reveals their preferred communication styles.

The workshop session uses participants’ DISC profile to help leaders:
  • Understand their strengths and what happens when strengths are overused
  • Learn how and when to adapt behavior and communication styles to lead others more effectively
  • Recognize what motivates themselves and their teams
  • Identify and manage sources of conflict and reduce unproductive conflict
  • Build rapid rapport and connection with colleagues and clients
  • Implement strategies for creating positive, proactive relationships

When leaders have a clear understanding of how they and their people communicate and get motivated, they’re better equipped to leverage those strengths and help their teams work together more effectively.