Navigating Change and Transition

Change is inevitable—and critical to our individual and organizational success.

Change can also be painful.

Contrary to popular opinion, change starts with an ending. A leader stops performing their old role before taking on a new opportunity, or leaves one team before moving to a new one.

And change ends with a new beginning, such as when a leader settles in and fully performs their new role, or has developed a working relationship with their new team.

Between endings and new beginnings, there is the neutral zone—a time of confusion, questioning, and possibility.

Whether they are experiencing a change themselves or leading others through it, the Navigating Change and Transition workshop can help leaders ease the transition process, maintain engagement, and help motivate their team to ensure the change sticks.

During the workshop, participants learn to:
  • Identify the difference between change and transition
  • Describe the phases of transition and locate themselves in the process
  • Guide themselves and others through the transition process
  • Create clarity and encourage buy-in, adoption, and acceptance of the change
  • Develop a strategic transition plan based on their own needs

Leaders will also learn how to tap into the creativity and innovation that can remain hidden amidst the confusion that invariably arises during change.