Peer Forum

When a large group of leaders come together for a meeting or conference, meeting planners often tell us they want the leaders to learn some leadership skills, build stronger relationships, and think about their leadership.

Peer Forum can be the perfect solution.

Boda Peer Forum grew from client requests:
  • We’re gathering 300 senior leaders in London for two days. We want them to learn coaching skills and then practice them. We also want to deepen relationships. Can you help?”
  • “Our national sales conference is coming up. These folks don’t see each other often, and we want them to have time to connect across different parts of the organization, learn some leadership skills, and have fun. What do you suggest?”
  • “Our technology organization is planning an offsite in New York. We want to help them build some skills so they connect more effectively and get better at developing their teams. What can you do?”

We combined the best of A Coaching Approach for Leaders, which focuses on teaching core coaching skills, with our Leader Forum, which brings a small group of 6-8 leaders together to work on their individual leadership, and created Peer Forum as a standalone leadership development experience.

Effective with 20 leaders or 200 leaders.

A Boda Peer Forum session builds skills, fosters discussion, and strengthens relationships among colleagues across the organization.

The session begins with an interactive plenary, where participants learn and practice four of the most useful coaching skills. From there, they go to break out rooms and talk in small groups about real challenges and opportunities they are each experiencing. Leaders practice peer coaching skills while receiving support and help from colleagues on a real issue they are facing.

Massive impact.

It’s a simple design that consistently generates massive impact. Every time we lead a Peer Forum we hear that the conversations were some of the most useful, real, and powerful conversations the leaders have ever had at work.

Case Study: Using Peer Forum to Build Leadership Skills and Relationships