Presentation Excellence and Executive Presence

The most successful presenters know their subject, their audience, and how to deliver their message in a way that engages, educates, and inspires others.

Leaders speak volumes, even before they’ve said a single word.

From the way they use their hands, eyes, and face, to the way they give pause, pace, and pitch to their voices, leaders constantly broadcast how they really feel and how their audience should feel about them and the organization.

Powerful, passionate, and professional delivery is critical to conveying a compelling message.

The Presentation Excellence and Executive Presence workshop prepares leaders who present internally and externally to manage their anxiety, their delivery, and the audience, while articulating a compelling and memorable message that drives business results.

Participants learn to:
  • Manage presentation anxiety with any audience
  • Analyze their audience’s needs, interests, fears, and goals
  • Clarify the goals of their presentation
  • Develop a strategy and a structure for the presentation to meet its goals
  • Improve pace, pitch, projection, and pauses for both calming and dramatic effects
  • Read body language the way the audience does
  • Overcome the barriers to communication
  • Read and react to the room
  • Handle Q&A

Effective presenters know the needs, interests, fears, and goals of their audience, as well as what content will move them to act.

Great speakers clarify their key message, develop a concise strategy to engage their audience, and structure their presentation to meet their goal.