Strategic Storytelling

From J.K. Rowling to Super Bowl ads, storytellers have a special aptitude for transporting people to a new set of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. According to Harvard Business Review and The New York Times, storytelling skills are as important as business skills for today’s leaders.

Telling a meaningful story creates connection and engagement, and ensures a vision or perspective is heard and remembered.

In the Strategic Storytelling workshop, participants reflect on powerful stories and then plan, design, and deliver stories that engage, inspire, and mobilize people and teams.

Participants learn to:
  • Make a story compelling
  • Use stories to shift attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors
  • Balance facts and emotion
  • Promote credibility and authenticity
  • Build a story that reflects the interests of the audience
  • Leverage goal-setting in storytelling
  • Tell a story the way Pixar does
  • Make sure the critical call to action doesn’t get lost

Whether leaders are presenting a business pitch, explaining a new technology, or inspiring behavior change, telling a compelling story captures the audience’s attention and delivers an effective message.