Communication Coaching

Communicating up, down, across, and outside the organization is a core competency for leaders at all levels.

Some leaders are smart, committed, and visionary but have trouble communicating with others.

When talented leaders are promoted to higher positions with more authority, accountability, and responsibility, their interpersonal and organizational communication skills must mature to meet the increased demands and visibility of their role.

Whether the communication is formal or informal, one-on-one or to large groups, internal or external, spoken or written, one thing is consistently true: If a leader’s impact doesn’t match their intention, effective communication isn’t taking place.


Every interaction is an opportunity to build relationships or erode them, to engender trust or endanger it, and to empower key contributors or put up roadblocks to their success.

Communication coaching gives leaders the support and direction they need to:
  • Understand their own default communication style and how others perceive it
  • See how over-relying on communication strengths can become a hindrance
  • Assess gaps between their intention and their impact
  • Correct mistakes they have been making
  • Develop executive presence
  • Deliver effective feedback
  • Share good and bad news, both internally and externally
  • Engage and motivate their teams
  • Deliver technical or complex information to non-technical audiences

Improving how leaders share their vision, goals, and feedback can be the difference between a near miss and a great success.

Case Study: Shifting from Arrogant and Closed to Receptive and Collaborative with Communication Coaching