Drawing from decades of experience and deep knowledge of the research, we have a point of view on what makes leaders and teams effective, and we love having that conversation. Whether your meeting involves 20, 200, or 2,000 people, we can create and deliver an engaging and powerful keynote that resonates with your audience.

Conferences and large meetings require a strong, resonant message, expertly delivered.

We begin by getting to know you, your business, your culture, and your challenges and opportunities. Like everything else we do, this isn’t one size fits all. No canned keynotes here. We want to understand your meeting objectives, the whole agenda, who the attendees are, and exactly what you want to accomplish. Then we’ll customize a talk that works for you and delivers the results you want.

Our most popular keynote topics include:
  • Navigating change and transition
  • Authentic leadership
  • Leading through values
  • Inspiring others
  • Creating a culture of trust
  • Reflection, resilience and resolve
  • Leadership stories and lessons
  • What makes a highly effective team?
  • Building engagement

We’d love to talk with you about delivering a keynote at your next big meeting.

Case Study: Addressing Change and Transition with a Keynote