Client Feedback

Our work generates results. Our clients say it best.

“We talked with a handful of firms that I thought could help my leadership team become more effective, but none were as experienced, thoughtful, and responsive as Boda. That initial impression has been validated over and over again as they have worked with the team across the past year. The Boda coaches have brought deep expertise, pragmatic frameworks, powerful exercises, great flexibility, and a true spirit of partnership to the work. My leadership team is operating at an entirely different level today, and I know a great deal of that is because of the work we’ve done with Boda.”
— Bob Lord, President, Aol

“Working with my Boda coach has been an absolutely essential part of my work at Microsoft. The impact involves not only my personal development but also the important work of building a cohesive and high-functioning team.”
— Peter Lee, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft

“Boda’s Director of Coaching provided insightful ideas about managing and sourcing executive coaches. She and I have also partnered to find ideal coaches for our executives. I look to The Boda Group for skilled executive coaches, ideas, and best practices. They are a terrific partner.”
— Roslynn Williams, Head of Executive Leadership Development, Dun & Bradstreet

“We are so fortunate to have developed a great partnership with The Boda Group over the past few years. Across the board, their team comprises the highest quality coaches who have provided exceptional thought leadership. They understand the nuances of our business and the types of leaders we’re trying to cultivate. Their approach to leadership development and executive coaching is innovative, creative, and totally in sync with how we want to develop our leaders.”
— Erica Casey, VP/Group Director, Human Resources, DigitasLBi

“The support and guidance my senior leadership team and I received from The Boda Group was priceless. As a result of the team development work we did with Boda, our team’s accountability, collaboration, and leadership skills have dramatically increased. Summer Turner and Jennifer Porter facilitated exercises and discussions and taught us skills that were research-based, creative, thought-provoking, and challenging. I sincerely appreciate their professionalism as well as the insights and hard work they delivered in the course of the engagement. I would recommend The Boda Group to any organization that has a need for team and/or leadership development.”
Gabriel Hamani, CEO, BHI USA

“The work with my Boda coach has had an invaluable impact on me and on my leadership. My coach is experienced, caring, insightful, and a trusted thought partner.”
— Don Nelson, COO, Cimpress

“Whether it’s understanding style differences in your leadership team or getting one-on-one coaching on some important areas of focus, the coaches at The Boda Group have always delivered great value. They are intelligent and knowledgeable, with excellent experience across a wide range of companies and leaders. Our work with them has been both productive and fun!”
— Steve Kahane, MD, President, Client Organization, athenahealth

“As cliché as it may sound, working with The Boda Group was truly a professionally transformative and life-changing experience. The Boda partners and coaches worked directly with our leadership team to ensure the workshops and trainings aligned to our unique needs, and felt relevant and applicable. I felt valued as a colleague and partner. Boda’s approach to coaching immediately and positively changed the way we communicated and coached each other. Almost five years later, we still reference and return to what we learned to move our work forward.”
— Julia Hieser, Group Learning Leader, Teach for America

“My team’s experience with The Boda Group totally exceeded my expectations. I have heard from the team that it was the best thing they have ever done in their career, and I have to say I agree. I learned so much in such a short period of time, and working on those skills together as a team rather than alone is so powerful. Now we all have permission to practice it together. I think every team should do this.
— Senior Vice President, Global financial services company

My coach has been invaluable in helping me continue to grow personally and professionally. She’s an outstanding listener and was very good at drawing out key insights in my 360. The coaching has had a huge impact on me.”
— Partner, The Boston Consulting Group

“The Coaching Approach for Leaders program has enhanced our awareness of our relationships with clients, partners, and, most importantly, with each other. It has equipped us with the tools and skills to have the conversations that are critical to our success.”
— Rikin Gandhi, CEO, Digital Green

Boda was instrumental in assisting my team during a critical time of transition. They helped us work more effectively as a team and as individual leaders. I have continued to use many of the skills and techniques that we learned in our work with Boda. The impact has been tremendous.”
— Richard Russell, CEO, Ares Allergy Holdings Inc.

“Of the dozen executive coaches my company works with, none are more credible than Boda. They aren’t afraid of giving you the direct, straight truth, and can communicate with business executives in a way that gets their attention.”
— Head of Human Resources, biopharmaceutical company

“I suspect that working with The Boda Group will be the best development opportunity that I experience in my career.”
— Investment Director, asset management firm

“Boda has transformed our relationships and effectiveness, enabling us to engage in safe, easy, spirited, and uninhibited discussion. This led to great ideas that are implemented more efficiently and clearly in our hospital. Our leaders are more confident in and satisfied with their leadership skills, which in turn has helped change our organizational culture for the better.”
— Anne Marie Greenleaf, DVM, Chief of Staff, Angell Animal Medical Center, MSPCA

“The Boda team is intelligent, has deep expertise, and is supportive. This is an experienced group of people that who have had success working with senior leaders and organizations.”
— Head of Organization Development, technology and information services

“At the end of nine months working with Boda our leadership team was functioning at a much higher level, helping us succeed with our plan and achieve our goals. We developed a core foundation of trust, accountability, and respect, which we would not have been able to establish without the coaching and direction of the Boda team.”
— Wendy Fox, VP, Information Management & Strategic Services, Blackbaud, Inc.

Coaching in a leadership program is Boda’s sweet spot. They have the flexibility to fit into a program, and a very strong team of professional coaches who are deeply steeped in coaching and skilled in many high-level assessments.”
— Managing Director, financial services firm

“The Boda team is capable, wise, measured, prepared, helpful, invested, and sincere.”
— Allie Kline, Chief Marketing Officer, Aol

“The hardest thing for humans to do is change reinforced behaviors that aren’t working for them anymore, even if they recognize them. The workshop helped me to tap into my own goals and purpose to make changes that allowed me to lead more effectively.”
— Chief Financial Officer, bank

“Because the Boda coaches have run businesses, managed budgets, set strategy, and led teams, they were immediately credible to our typically skeptical leaders and executives.”
— Director, Learning & Development, consumer products company

“The Boda Group delivers as promised. They have established themselves as a best-in-class provider of executive coaching in our organization. I feel confident putting them in front of any level executive we have.”
— Executive Coaching Lead, UBS

“My experience with my Boda coach could not have been better. He is caring, supportive, thoughtful, challenging, pragmatic, and experienced. We quickly developed a trusting and deep relationship. The coaching significantly enhanced my leadership and management skills.”
— Managing Director, Global investment management company

The Leader Forum sessions were well designed, interactive, engaging, stimulating, challenging, and extremely valuable. The partners all came away with a tremendous amount of learning about themselves and each other, an understanding of some of the firm’s best practices, a renewed commitment to excellence, and even stronger relationships.”
— Chris Jenny, Senior Managing Director, Parthenon-EY

“I love the group of people I got to know by hiring Boda to provide all of the coaching for our most senior leaders. The Boda coaches are interesting, impactful, well-intentioned human beings who practice their craft thoughtfully and with extraordinary skill.”
— Director, Learning & Development, global software and services company

“Introducing the Coaching Approach for Leaders program has been a huge asset to our organization, where communication and collaboration are highly valued. Not only are the concepts compelling and practical, but the facilitation allows for deep reflection and clarification of thinking. Months later, my colleagues still comment on their experience. A Coaching Approach for Leaders helped us establish a common language and commitment to more open and honest dialogue.”
— Vice President, Human Resources, Ivy League university

“For many years athenahealth has used The Boda Group for high-impact coaching for our senior leaders. In the last two years, Boda has taught coaching skills and led Peer Forums for people managers at many levels, and the feedback has been outstanding. We consider The Boda Group an essential partner in our quest to embed coaching into the culture of the company.
— Terry Nichols, Director of Leadership Programs, athenaUniversity, athenahealth

I have been consistently impressed with the insightful coaching from The Boda Group. Their work with my team has made us think and act differently, and has helped us better understand ourselves and each other. The Boda coaches demonstrate a practical approach to helping leaders get better. They listen, understand, challenge, and never let go of their principles. We are very big fans!”
— Senior Vice President, industrial supply company

“The Boda workshop was the most valuable training I have ever had.
— Partner, strategy consulting firm

Working with my Boda coach was transformational for me, professionally as and personally. It changed the way I think about my leadership. At a time of significant career change, the coaching allowed me to transition to the next level as a leader.”
— Head of Consumer Operations, global financial services company

“The workshop was great and the Boda facilitator was exceptional. It was really nice to be in a team learning environment with my peers. I learned a lot and was able to bond more with my peers than I had ever been able to do in workshops in the past. We discussed real issues, not role plays, which was incredibly valuable.”
— Workshop participant, consumer electronics company

“Boda hit it out of the park with the workshop! It was great! I felt lucky to be part of it.”
— Workshop participant, consumer electronics company

“My Boda coach has been fantastic to work with. He’s honest and tells me the straight truth. I’ve seen immediate changes, and although there’s a lot more I’d like to work on, it’s great to see progress in the short time I’ve been working with my coach.”
— Director, Clinical Performance, healthcare services company

Boda is very cutting-edge in terms of coaching best practices. There’s a rigor and sophistication to their coaching. They hold a really high bar for themselves and how they deliver coaching.”
— Vice President, Human Resources, investment management company

“Boda was willing to invest time to sit and partner with us as we talked about our leadership challenges. It’s really uncommon to get so much attention. Boda knows our story and was interested in a long-term relationship.
— Vice President, Human Resources, asset management firm

“Leadership is not something you’re born with. It’s a learned skill. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with the Boda Group should give it a shot. It’s life-changing.”
— Director, Marketing, healthcare services company

“It was clear from the beginning that my coach was invested in me. She was objective yet supportive, and provided a valuable perspective and a safe sounding board for me to work through some challenges that I had been uncomfortable addressing with others.”
— Managing Director, financial services firm

“I highly recommend the Boda coaches, especially for the 360 feedback, which was so well done. It’s like getting a head-to-toe checkup on your leadership style. The coaching and feedback have had a tremendous positive impact on how I’m leading.”
— Partner, financial services firm

“I have learned a tremendous amount about myself through working with my coach. My coach’s feedback is like a mirror that helps me see where I can grow and become an even more effective leader and executive. Leaning into this work has made all the difference and I’m glad I made this investment in myself.”
— Vice President, Customer Service, industrial supply company

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend my coach and The Boda Group to any leader looking to assess their performance and learn how to improve. My coach is a trusted, experienced, and objective partner.”
— Head of Rates and Credit Sales, global financial services firm

There’s a lot of substance and rigor in the Boda methodology and the way the team operates. They are incredibly responsive and make us feel supported and connected.”
— Director, Organizational & Leadership Development, consumer marketing company

Boda is authentic. When you partner with Boda, they are real and accessible. You feel like you’re always seated at the table with the people who are making things happen.”
— Director, Organizational & Leadership Development, consumer marketing company

“Over the last three years, The Boda Group has grown from being a provider of coaching to a trusted partner in our overall talent development strategy. They have a seat at our table as they continue to demonstrate deep expertise, a high standard of professionalism, and thought partnership. Bottom line—they are simply great professionals who set the bar for the rest of the field in how to develop leaders.”
— Rebecca Walker, Managing Director of Learning & Development, investment management company

“My interactions with Boda have always been immensely positive, and the learning that comes from them: phenomenal. Our first-ever leadership training in our company was with Boda, and it was an undisputed success. Each and every participant gave positive feedback! Boda facilitators are present and on-point, really engage the audience, and truly care. Boda is a powerful voice for encouraging leaders to connect with their humanity and their highest intelligence.”
—Ann Whittaker, Co-Founder/VP, People & Culture, Rethink Robotics

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