Women and Feedback

Research by Shelley Correll shows that leaders often give male employees specific feedback that helps them achieve specific goals, while women more commonly receive vague, personality-based feedback.

Women often get unhelpful comments about their communication style like “she lacks gravitas.” What do you do with that? It’s just not actionable. Correll’s research shows that men are offered a clearer picture of what they are doing well and more-specific guidance of what is needed to get to the next level.

When leaders receive high quality feedback and are genuinely committed to learning from what they hear, they have an opportunity to develop, grow, and improve their performance. But too often, leaders—particularly women leaders—don’t get the feedback they need to succeed and thrive.

In this session, women leaders will learn:
  • what makes feedback essential
  • the barriers to getting useful feedback
  • concrete and practical strategies for overcoming these barriers so they can excel

Through exploring these issues and building new mindsets and skills, participants will leave with a clear model, specific tools, and an actionable plan to take their leadership to the next level.