About Us

Trusted. Engaged. Partners.

We’ve led companies, conducted research, started new ventures, written books, worked with and served on boards, taught, coached executives and teams, built curricula, and worked on our own leadership.

We’re leaders, too.


We’ve had (and still have) great teachers, coaches, mentors, and thought partners. We know that being a great leader is hard work. We have a visceral understanding of what it’s like to lead a team or organization, to strive for excellence, to face challenges, to struggle, and to triumph. We get it.

And we’re still learning. In fact, we’re voracious learners. We dig deep into what makes leaders tick: how they behave, where they get stuck, and how they move forward. We bring all of this to our clients and help them navigate their own path.

It’s personal.

We know firsthand how effective it can be to have a seasoned partner in your corner, and to take time to reflect. The journey is more engaging, more fulfilling, more fun, and definitely more successful.

It’s all about results—for the leader, the team, and the organization—and we know this work drives results.

Meet our team.