Individual Leaders

Leadership requires skills that go significantly beyond subject-matter expertise. Effective leadership requires the ability to learn from and take advantage of the talents of others, engage multiple points of view, and build long-term, productive relationships. Leaders don’t typically do the right thing because it’s obvious—since it’s rarely obvious—but because they have observed other leaders, tried different approaches, reflected on their experience, and drawn conclusions about what is effective.

While leaders may occasionally navigate this process on their own, they are far more likely to grow and develop if they engage in a process of deliberate and individual learning in an environment of trust and support. This is what happens in coaching.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching helps strong leaders take it to the next level.

Communication Coaching

Some leaders are smart, committed, and visionary but have trouble communicating.

Executive Coaching in a Leadership Program

The most successful leadership development programs include executive coaching as a critical component.

Presentation Coaching

Being able to present effectively and move people to action requires more than simply speaking with confidence.