Mark Zumwalt


Brown University, BA
New York University, MA, Counseling Psychology


Mark has coached individuals and teams in corporate and nonprofit organizations. Most recently, he worked with Microsoft and Yahoo! to help lead a major global change initiative across markets in the USA, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Prior to working in organizational change and training, Mark held sales roles at Microsoft Advertising, partnering with clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, and Priceline. As a pro bono mediator in the New York state civil and housing courts, Mark has helped clients to navigate conflicts, conduct meaningful conversations under stressful circumstances, and create resolutions based on mutual understanding. While serving as Director of Corporate Relations at Lambda Legal, Mark successfully built support from individual and corporate sponsors, including Wells Fargo, American Airlines, and many law firms. He cultivated relationships with senior executives to build partnerships that aligned with their corporate responsibility, marketing, and PR goals.

Other leadership

Lambda Legal, National Leadership Council.

Training and Certification

The Coaches Training Institute; Columbia Law School and the New York Peace Institute, advanced training and practice in mediation and alternative dispute resolution.

At The Boda Group…

Mark brings his expertise in mediation and alternative dispute resolution. Whether working with an individual or a team, Mark has a keen ear for the thoughts and emotions that motivate us—those that are stated and those that go unsaid. He has a nuanced understanding of how these dynamics can impact a person and those around them. He is skilled at helping clients to discover and articulate their hopes, ambitions, and challenges, and at enabling clients to transform these discoveries into meaningful action and change. He believes that successfully creating change in one’s career requires an individual to grow and change as a whole person.

The biggest challenge facing today’s leaders is…

integrity. Living with integrity means more than doing what you will say you will do: it means living by your values, despite all of life’s challenges. Leaders are sometimes asked to put their values second, in favor of taking a shortcut or making a profit or meeting someone else’s expectations. Great leaders are able to achieve results while honoring their most cherished values.

When I’m not working with clients, I’m…

somewhere on my bicycle.

Important things I bring to my clients are…

collaboration, humor, and compassion.

I’m inspired by…

beauty—in the natural world, in the created world, and in acts of loving kindness between people.