6.29.16 Boda Insights: How to Handle the Naysayer on Your Team


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Many of the leaders we work with share a common challenge of effectively managing naysayers, those team members who always seem to be on the “con” side of every conversation. If you find yourself in this situation as well, you’ll want to check out this HBR article by our Managing Partner, Jennifer Porter.


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How to Handle the Naysayer on Your TeamJennifer headshot

Jennifer Porter

This article originally appeared on HBR.org

Just over a year ago, I talked with the executive vice president of HR for a Fortune 100 company about “Joe”, a member of the senior leadership team: “Joe has good ideas, but he’s really negative, and he always plays the devil’s advocate. The CEO doesn’t really listen to Joe in meetings anymore because he’s tired of hearing the challenges and opposition. I think the CEO is finally done trying to make it work.”

Two months later, Joe was fired …

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