5.19.21 Boda Insights: Supporting diverse leaders

two empty canoes2

Recently, a number of our clients—private equity firms, tech companies, and professional services firms—have asked us to design and deliver programs intended to invest in and develop leaders from underrepresented groups. So far, the focus has been on leaders of color and women, but of course many other marginalized groups could benefit from this kind of learning opportunity.

We are thrilled to be doing this important work and want to share some of the research that shows the challenges underrepresented groups often encounter, as we know many of you are thinking about and actively working on how to best support these leaders.

While that sounds like a lot of bad news (and it is!), there is a real benefit to increasing the diversity and inclusion in our organizations.

Research shows that diversity leads to creativity, diverse leadership teams drive more innovation, and diverse organizations have higher profitability, stronger governance and stronger problem-solving capabilities.

If you’d like to talk about any of this research, or how we can help you think about and support the development of your leaders, please let us know.

The Boda team