Leader Forum

Bring together a small group of leaders who are peers and teach them skills so they can coach each other. Add an experienced executive coach to raise powerful topics, teach leadership theory, and support the group. Now you’ve got one powerful development experience: the Boda Leader Forum.

Organizations need a corps of capable, confident, and flexible leaders. Effective leadership requires skills that go significantly beyond subject matter expertise.

Leadership ability doesn’t just happen.

Individuals may pick up some leadership skills through experience or ad hoc learning, but they’re far more likely to master such skills if they engage in a process of deliberate, individual, and ongoing learning in an environment of trust and support.

Leader Forum provides exactly that, bringing together a small group of leaders who are at a similar level in the organization to work on their individual leadership in a group context. Combining the best of individual leadership coaching, workshop teaching, and peer coaching, a Leader Forum takes place over 6-12 months and is customized to each organization’s culture and real-time challenges.

Leader Forum provides a structure that helps leaders:
  • Create an ongoing opportunity, separate from their day-to-day responsibilities and tasks, to evaluate, understand, and work proactively on their own leadership
  • Learn practical and proven research and frameworks
  • Collaborate in problem solving, using a variety of perspectives
  • Read about, discuss, and learn leadership best practices
  • Strengthen skills in specific areas that are critical to their organization
  • Build productive relationships with peers
  • Design and carry out individual leadership development plans
  • Develop and refine their nascent leadership skills
  • Create a community of positive support, feedback, and accountability with fellow participants
  • Sustain learning over time

Leader Forum focuses on identifying, demystifying, and improving core leadership skills.

Facilitated conversations help leaders combine what they already know about leadership with external content and others’ experiences. The learning mechanisms include individual self-assessments, action plans, group discussions, sharing experiences, practical exercises, and group and individual coaching.

Leader Forum emphasizes discovery, engagement, exploration, practice, and feedback—not dense content delivery.

The leaders work with participants’ real challenges and opportunities. This is not a “class.” The goal is to help leaders collaborate, learn, and achieve the leadership objectives they and their organization believe are most important.

Case Study: Strengthening Skills and Relationships with Leader Forum