Executive Coaching in a Leadership Program

Many of the most successful leadership development programs include executive coaching as a critical component.

Adding coaching to an already strong leadership program makes a tremendous difference.

When we support a leadership program, we work closely with the program designers to understand their vision and objectives, and customize the coaching accordingly. Boda coaches are typically matched with 3-5 leaders whom they coach individually throughout the program.

Boda coaches help the leaders to:
  • Understand their personal strengths and development areas
  • Process and make meaning from the content they learn in the program
  • Explore perspectives and opportunities
  • Practice, experiment with, and own the valuable concepts and techniques they’re learning

The Boda coaching team supports the program designers by:
  • Selecting an exceptional group of coaches who are best suited to the program
  • Providing a single point of contact for communicating information and direction to the coaches
  • Ensuring excellence and consistency across the coaches
  • Synthesizing and sharing themes in the leaders’ experiences, challenges, and progress

Our clients tell us that the Boda coaches in their leadership programs have a significant impact on the program’s success and the leaders’ growth.

Case Study: Executive Coaching Deepens and Accelerates Learning in a Leadership Program